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BH & Co blessing or curse?

What does a bra have to do so that you can feel comfortable in it?

No problem for you? Congratulations - then you are one of those women who will find what they are looking for in the wide range of popular lingerie products. However, if you are not one of them, wearing a bra size below 75A or over 85D, then you can tell a song about how blessing can become a curse that women are exposed to every day.

You wear your bra an average of 8 hours a day and longer and it should fit comfortably, look good and still match your clothes so that you feel completely comfortable! This is not the case for many women and I myself was one of them who tore the unloved thing from her body first after the work was done. In the meantime, however, clothing also offers a certain selection for the larger sizes. But it is precisely these sizes that still have a handicap that the manufacturers of the popular bra brands can only solve to a limited extent, since the body of every woman has very individual characteristics.

It is important to me that you feel completely comfortable with a custom-made product from now on, regardless of whether your bra size is out of the ordinary or just want to wear something special on your wedding day that actually fits under your dress.

But maybe you just love beautiful underwear and don't want to do without comfort. Or you would like to cut a good figure in a bikini or swimsuit in the summer season.

Everything is possible, tailored to your breast size, your needs and in colors that underline your personality.

Each piece is individually tailored for you and lovingly sewn. I want you to be satisfied and, at the end of your day, completely surprised if you forget you were still wearing a bra when you got home. Then I have achieved my goal of making you happy every day.

The lords of creation are not neglected either. Because as a man, you too like to wear comfortable underwear in your own favorite colors, even if these may not correspond to the current fashion trend, but are simply comfortable for you. Maybe you just want to surprise your partner? After all, not only women want to cut a good figure when it comes to data!

Compromises were yesterday for me, comfort and a good grip are guaranteed tomorrow if you opt for a custom-made product.

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