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I have been a trained dressmaker with a specialist degree since 2001. With my training as a clothing designer, a long-standing dream came true. A few years more mature and more experienced in my profession, this profession is the most innovative of 3 completed trainings, which tests my knowledge again and again and subjects myself to constant further development. I appreciate getting involved again and again with body, wishes and people and developing the best possible ideas for my customers and their needs with professional competence.

My training as a lingerie designer and custom tailor, which I completed in December 2016, enables me to pursue another wonderful field of activity within my profession in the area of ​​lingerie and swimwear.

I am happy to pass on my wide range of specialist knowledge to interested participants in sewing courses in my own studio and at the Migros Club School in Bern, Biel and Solothurn.

Have I piqued your interest? I would be happy to personally welcome you to my studio and take you into the wonderful and unique world of very diverse lingerie.

If you need more of my sewing skills, you are cordially invited to discover the homepage of my tailoring studio Crazy Colores .

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